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Plan of Events 2021

---"Artbox Project Barcelona" - October 2020 - participation with the painting "Wishes" from the Dolphin Series - from May 2nd to 7th, 2021, at Valid World Hall Galerie, Career de Buenaventura Munoz 6, 08018 Barcelona, Spain, from 10 am to 10 pm,

-"Artbox Project Zurich 3.0" - Station Zurich - participation with the paintings "Hybris" and "Small Abnormalities" - from August 25th - 29th, 2021

Group Exhibition "CHANGE" from July 18 to 29 August 2021 at Art Association Fulda with the piece "From 1 to 4"

About 1 to 4 from a point of view of the Jewish Kaballah: The one, in Hebrew the Aleph, the bull, is considered half beyond and half this side, as pre-worldly. With the two, the character Beth, the house, creation begins. With Gimmel, the three, movement comes into the world, the three also means the male principle. The Daleth, the four, or the door, also means the feminine principle. From this comes the further development, so the child as the He squared, the five to the power of 2, as the result of the male and female squared, known as the Phythagorean theorem.

Curriculum Vitae - Resume

Welcome to the picture gallery of Leonhard Groetsch (Germany).

Leonhard was born on Dec 18th 1947 in Wuerzburg (Germany) as the oldest of three brothers. He completes studies of business administration at the universities of Wuerzburg and Munich with the diploma in Wuerzburg in 1974. He marries in 1979. Until 1992 he works as head of finance and accounting or controller for various manufacturing German and British companies in the areas of Stuttgart, Wuerzburg, Fulda and Marburg. Since 1992 he works as a freelancer in the audit and since 1998 he has worked as a private tutor. And Leonhard is involved in arts from time to time.

First exhibition in Fulda

His artistic talents attract attention already in elementary school. When he is 17 he starts to paint with oils. After graduating he discards the idea of studying art, because in the eyes of his contacts the perspective of artistic creation means poverty. So Leonhard becomes self taught, his paintings are hidden creations. In 1992 the first time Leonhard organizes two solo exhibitions of his paintings in Fulda.

Fight for a distinctive style

In the mid 1990s, inspired by philosophical literature, he changes his opinion about what an art painting should be. He comes to believe that a painting shouldn't only focus on the ego of the artist but on a positve message. A further insight is that artistic creation is a religous work, an idea that was granted in previous centuries. Some books of the German philosopher Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker (1912-2007) have an important influence on him, in which the author explains the essence of art using the compositions of Johann Sebastian Bach as an example. Because of a dream at night Leonhard comes in touch with the book "Kabbalah in Dreamlife of Man". His wife gives him this book as a present written by the Hebrew Friedrich Weinreb (1910-1988), who makes the oldest Jewish Kabbalah understandable for the presence. And Leonhard becomes involved in the works of Swiss' Emma Kunz (1892-1963). He finds out that her imagery can be decrypted by the Kabbalah. Between 1995 and 1998 a text about her work Nr. 168 comes into being, which, however, has never been published.

Since 1993-1994 the Dolphin Series and the first paintings of the "Gospel of John Series" come into being, starting with the prototype of Count Art (1994), a Concept of Art which bases on counted strokes. Attempts to get a gallerist are not sucessful and his artistic activities die. In 2005 Leonhard meets the chairman of the Art Association Fulda by accident on the occasion of his exhibition, which he joins the same year. Untill today he was involved in more than 30 group exhibitions. Since 2011 he is as member of the board of the art association responsible for the finances. In 2016 he presents a third solo exhibition with the title "Word - Figure - Human Beeings", which included the paintings of the Book of John and his figurative paintings. In Spring 2018 he is invited to the exhibition room DELF in Vienna, Austria, to present his Dolphin Series from 1993 und 1994. Also in Spring 2018 the Indian ecologist Sunita Narain buys her portrait created by Leonhard on the occasion of the exhibition "Human Beings" at Vonderau Museum Fulda in the year 2008.

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